Mr. Stuart McGreevy


Mr Stuart is An Investor and entrepreneur with significant international social enterprise experience. Proven track record and expertise in identifying profitable investments and in the strategic planning, creation, funding, flotation and rapid development of UK and international enterprises.Currently has a leadership and director responsibilities in 23 enterprises.

Mr. James Ayugi

Co – Founder / CEO

As Co – Founder and CEO of Webmasters, our team and I are passionate about designing and developing pioneering solutions that make a real difference to impact the lives of citizens and government agencies who serve them. We understand the challenges of providing robust and reliable services that meet the needs of both government and public. We are delighted that Webmasters solutions are having a real impact to improve the lives of citizens, the performance of government agencies and in turn contribute to the development of Nations.

Our Team

Elvis Odero

Digital Marketing

Martin Iriga


Otieno Onyango

Web Developer

Godfrey Makori


Alvin Opany